Consortium Group Australia (CGA) is a relationship-focused company that provides a range of services, Australia-wide. Based in South East Queensland, CGA offers several independent services including; Accounting, Civil Infrastructure Projects, Consulting, Contracting, Finance, Law and Property Development.

CGA prides itself on integrity and its ability to deliver cutting edge strategies to every client. We are committed to service excellence, which is conveyed throughout every interaction and outcome. CGA operates with these common objectives to create, develop and inspire.

As a group, we’re positioned to offer transformational growth to each business by partnering with stakeholders in diverse industries. CGA is actively seeking new acquisitions and businesses looking to join our group. If you’d like to take your business to the next level, we would invite you to make an appointment to meet with our management team to explore what’s possible. We can partner with you to support your business going to heights greater than you ever expected. If you think you could benefit from our partnership, please enquire below.

Alistair Bell
Managing Director and Founder
With many years’ experience in business, Alistair has built the CGA team on a foundation of integrity, transparency and trust. He believes instilling such a culture is paramount in forming successful, long term relationships. Driven by his strategic and financial expertise, Alistair facilitates transformational growth, only possible through calculated planning, alignment of teams and appointing the most experienced people to lead each department and it is for this reason we partner with the best in each industry, to escalate growth within each endeavour.


Please fill in the form below or give us a call on 1800 240 262 and one of our dedicated staff will be happy to answer your enquiry.